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Living Wage

For those of you who are Living Wage Employers, the rates have just been announced for 2023 -24 as £12 for the UK Living Wage and £13.15 for the London Living Wage. Those who have signed up to the Living Wage Foundation, have until the 1st May 2024 to implement the rise. 

Living Wage Week is the annual celebration of the Living Wage movement. The movement has never been more important than against the backdrop of spiralling prices and a cost of living crisis, so they want to celebrate the employers and individuals pushing the movement forward and encourage others to join the movement of over 14,000 accredited employers.

Living Wage Week comes just two weeks after the announcement of the new Living Wage rates and is the perfect opportunity for you to promote your Living Wage accreditation to staff, stakeholders and the public.


For more information on taking part please click here 


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