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UKCreditUnions Ltd (UKCU) is a co-operatively run, membership based national trade association for authorised and registered credit unions, credit union steering groups, mutual aid societies and credit union support organisations.
UKCU has evolved from the Association of Independent Credit Unions (AICU). The AICU represented credit unions in England and Northern Ireland.
In April 2004 UKCU was launched with a remit to offer its services to any credit union,credit union steering group, mutual aid society or credit union support organisations in the UK. In May 2015 UKCU adopted a new set of rules to further this remit to offer its services to any credit union,credit union steering group, mutual aid society or credit union support organisation in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. Each member credit union of UKCU holds one share. 
Each year at the Annual General Meeting, individuals from our member credit unions can be nominated to stand for election for directorship.



There are 10 available positions for Directors that make up the committee and they act in a voluntary capacity.

The CEO also holds the post of the Company Secretary.
The Directors and Staff for 2018 to 2019 are:



Chair of the board of Directors

Cathy is the Chairperson of UKCU. She is a member and active volunteer of Vale of Leven Credit Union, Cathy is also employed as the CEO at the Vale. Cathy is also a trustee and secretary of the UKCU Death Benefit Trust and is a founder Director of UKCU. 



Vice Chair of the board of Directors

Joe is a Director and treasurer of Fairfield Govan Credit Union, an employee credit union covering staff at BAE Systems based at the shipyard complex on the Clyde. Joe is also a trustee of the UKCU Death Benefit Trust. Joe has been on the UKCU board since 2005 and is the Vice Chair. 



Board Member

Elaine has been involved as a volunteer with Credit Unions for the past 20 years and was a founder member of Kerrier & The Fal Credit Union which then merged with other Cornish Credit Unions to become the Kernow Credit Union. Elaine is a Director & Development Officer and serves as the Chair. Elaine has been on the UKCU board since 2014. 



Board Member

For the past 25 years, Sandra has held many positions within the management structure of many credit unions. Sandra is passionate about ensuring the core values of credit unions are at the heart of all that is done. Sandra's aim is to continue to serve the needs of the individuals who depend on an impartial and community orientated financial resource.



Board Member

Elaine worked as the CU Development & Support Officer in Middlesbrough for 15 years. In 2009 she was responsible for merging four small community credit unions in to one (Pioneer). In 2013 a further two were added and one more in 2017. She is now employed by Pioneer as CEO. 



Board Member

Simon has been involved with the credit union movement since 2006, originally he was a volunteer with West Central Middlesbrough Credit Union which then merged with a number of other Middlesbrough Credit Unions to become Pioneer Credit Union. Simon is a founder Director of Pioneer CU and he has been on the board of UKCU since 2013. 



Board Member

Gerald is Chair of the RMT Credit Union Board, a national association credit union based on the membership of RMT trade union. Gerald was elected as a Director of UKCU in 2009. Now retired, Gerald was Head of Branch Accounts at the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers. 



Board Member

Richard has been the Compliant Director for the RMT Credit Union since 2015. He has made a significant contribution to the compliant reporting system for RMT by digitalising the process whilst keeping within the rules as laid down by the financial authorities.


CEO & Company Secretary

Dawn has been voluntary Director of First Choice Credit Union since it first started in 1993. She currently holds the role of Secretary . Dawn has been employed by UKCU since it was first founded in 2004 and is the CEO and Company Secretary. Dawn is also a trustee of the UKCU Death Benefit Trust. 




Kerry has been a part of the credit union movement since she first began volunteering for First Choice Credit Union at the age of 14. Kerry joined the UKCU team in 2013 and works closely with the CEO.