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The Personal Finance Research

The PFRC have published their report which presents new evidence about debt advice referrals, which aims to stimulate discussion about how to ensure referrals work well for debt advice clients across a complex ecosystem.


It contains analysis of StepChange debt advice data and interviews with StepChange colleagues including debt advisors, and other sector colleagues.


While there is no single ‘correct’ way to make referrals, the report finds there are a number of key elements for advice agencies and advisors to consider. These are about ensuring that:

1.      Clients’ referral needs are identified in the first place

2.      Clients understand where they are being referred and why

3.      Clients are referred at the right time for them

4.      Referrals are smooth and effective

5.      Clients are referred to relevant organisations

6.      Feedback loops are used to improve referrals


You can download a copy of the report from here

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