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Fair Banking Act


The Finance Innovation Lab invited us to be a panel speaker at their APPG meeting at the House of Commons earlier this month.  

The aim of the meeting was to bring together advocates for a Fair Banking Act for the UK, to enable those who are from outside the campaign to hear from a variety of stakeholders who are in support of the need for one.

The meeting was co-hosted by Peter Dowd MP, co-chair of the APPG for Fair Business Banking and Yvonne Forvague MP, chair of the APPG for Debt and Personal Finance. Besides the Finance Innovation Lab and UKCU, the other panel members were from Fair For You, Fair by Design, Fair4All Finance, Citigroup, Responsible Finance, the Single Mums Business Network and Purple Shoots and we also heard from Jennifer, Sherifa and Victoria who told us about the amazing support they received from their local CDFI’s and Credit Unions.   

The panel members each spoke about their own experiences and then answered questions from audience participants including other stakeholders, interested parties and MP’s.

We will continue to support the Lab in obtaining a Fair Banking Act for the UK, as we know firsthand how affected our member credit unions are by their communities being left with no banking facilities, and how access to cash for their members is becoming so much more difficult.

You can download a copy of the Policy here

You can sign up for regular newsletters and updates from the Lab’s website  here.

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